The study of Batheo--an addictive internet game and quickly becoming a major world religion.
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 #08 Over the Styx II

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#08 Over the Styx II Empty
PostSubject: #08 Over the Styx II   #08 Over the Styx II EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 11:20 pm

    1)BB: (5) Akhos, The Amphilogai, Lupe, Makaria, Aporia (order of first 3 varies)
    2)DanteDents: (6) Aite, Hypnos, Rhadamanthys, The Graeae, Arae, Thanatos
    3)Bashrock: (5) Styx, Momus, Ania, ???, Apate

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#08 Over the Styx II StyxIISmall

    Slot 1: Approximately equal to slot 3. Be careful of the invisible walls marked in red. Sometimes the spawns will change your path a little. It's good to remember where the red walls are in case the NPC's are in different locations.

    Slot 2: Needs a bit of extra strength due to taking 6, including some of the tougher NPC's. Use sweep right before hitting Aite, and you should be able to get 4 done during its duration, which saves yourself 60 seconds. There is time for a full replenish after your first 4 (if needed). The area on top of the stairs has slower movement as a heads up.

    Slot 3: Approximately equal to slot 1. With replenish token, its often better to replenish first rather than risk a low faculty fight. Note the invisible walls marked in red. You will be moving through a lot of slow terrain but the path is straightforward.
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#08 Over the Styx II
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