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 #06 Pandora's Box II

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#06 Pandora's Box II Empty
PostSubject: #06 Pandora's Box II   #06 Pandora's Box II EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 11:17 pm

    Requires 3 People
    A little harder than Pandora's Box I (same reward)

    1) Bashrock: Bia, Herme, Thoon, Aristaeus
    2) Leonidas(off screen): Pallas, Nike, Kratos
    3) Fuzzina: Pandora, Cacus, Alala

    Unassigned: Apollo

#06 Pandora's Box II PB4-1

    All the spawns outside of the fortress are somewhat random. The same kill order always works however regardless of this randomness.

    Slot #1: should have your strongest player since it has 1 more assigned target. Make sure to get the sweep token even if it is somewhat out of the way. If things are well lined up you can get Apollo (not assigned) but usually you will have to rely on either #2 or #3 to get him.

    Slot #2 and #3: approximately equal in difficulty. If one of your players is weaker he/she can use more flanking/token, but at least 1 player needs to make a direct path in order to reach Apollo in time. If the GoW timer is nearly up just hit Apollo even if you don't think you have enough troops to win. One of your allies might be able to finish him off. If not, you have plenty of time to replenish and get DT.
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#06 Pandora's Box II
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