The study of Batheo--an addictive internet game and quickly becoming a major world religion.
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 #05 Pandora's Box I

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#05 Pandora's Box I Empty
PostSubject: #05 Pandora's Box I   #05 Pandora's Box I EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 11:16 pm

    Requires 4 People
    Easier than Pandora's Box II (same reward)

    1) Scout Force, Aristaeu, Apollo, Nike
    2) Cacus, Bia, Pandora
    3) Thoon, Herme, Kratos
    4) Pallas, Scout Force II, Alaia

#05 Pandora's Box I PB1

    Movement is 15 seconds almost everywhere, including the road. There are a few squares of 10 second movement on the edge of the map and inside the fortress. Spawns outside of the fortress are somewhat random. The same kill assignments always work regardless of this randomness. Slot 1 kills one extra enemy so put your strongest player there. All the slots usually have time for a replenish (generally more useful than using the extra time to get better flanking). If Slot 1 doesnt need a replenish they can take either Kratos or Alaia as an extra (use the faster token immediately). Slot 4 should sometimes kill Scout Force II last when appropriate. This ensures that they always have time for a replenish. Usually if a replenish is needed for Slot 4, you should use it before attacking Alaia, even if it is your 2nd attack.
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#05 Pandora's Box I
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