The study of Batheo--an addictive internet game and quickly becoming a major world religion.
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PostSubject: PLUTON's GUIDES   PLUTON's GUIDES EmptyWed Sep 14, 2011 6:47 pm

Part 1: Link
In google docs: Link

Part 2: Link
Hero experience calculator: Link

All information is compiled in a Excel file, converted to a Web Page.

Use bottom tabs to navigate through different sections.

Part 1

    Enhancement cost
    Calculates the enhancement cost of any item for every grade up to (G11)10, formulas are correct, you can compare up to 3 items.
    First column is for a Cychreides, 2nd for a Chimera, 3rd for Rain Comet.

    Attribute and Base Cost
    Updated values of base cost and attribute increase for every item.
    Used to get values to put on Enhancement cost tab.

    Also contains various formulas to calculate Drachmas returned from failed enhancements.

    Maps rewards and NPC drops and Commission Items
    Images are from Batheo Operators, info are put together for a full view.
    Added Text on top of image for Updates.
    Can also be used to get base attribute of an item.
    Note that some balues from Batheo Operators can be completely wrong.

    Daily Quest items
    Some items and info that I gathered, not completed, work in progress.
    Laurels gained are also included.

    VIP Shop
    Items of different colors are put there, blank lines are for items that I didn't put there.
    Values are correct.

    Alchemy table up to level 42
    Contains all items up to level 42 with base imformation about them. Also contains formulas to calculate protits.

    Levy events.
    Imformation about all levy events.

    This guide is made in an Excel file, then converted to a Web Page.

    Use the tabs at the bottom of the page to navigate through the different sections.

    Hero Experience Calculator: Exp values for each level are correct.
    Use this page to enter your own exp values for calculations:

    Troops, BM, Prestige heroes are the pictures from Batheo Operators. They are grouped together and enlarged for easy viewing, and more info are added to it, battle reports, detailed description, etc.

    Expedition maps: Detailed list of Maps in order, Legions, Dungeons, Laurels, and extra information.

    For every map, recruitable heroes are shown with their full information, exact location, up to Hades. For new players that need this info.

    From Faction maps to Ragnarok, there are links to guides, battle reports, etc.

    Laurels/Level Table is included in Expedition maps.

    Technology, Traders, Trainers

    Prestige Heroes
    Ranks after M40 are in a table: salary, attack/defense bonus, daily prestige decay...

    Faction Maps
    Athena's Wisdom and Zeus' Mercy finished, lots of Battle reports included.
    Tartarus, Ragnarok: Rhea profile added, map art added
    Tartarus, Ragnarok, Beyond the Desert, Valkyries' Rage: Recruitable NPC stats, troop type and BM added.

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PostSubject: Re: PLUTON's GUIDES   PLUTON's GUIDES EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 10:12 pm

You'll need to be logged in to see the links above...

The new guides are here:

Use top navigation bar, or
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