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 Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes

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PostSubject: Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes   Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 9:24 am

Quick washing guide, going to upgrade it a bit later today:

Ok, so washing heroes is a costly endeavor, and so it's definitely one you don't want to do "wrong".
It's also much too important to neglect.

Let's talk about stats first.

Each hero has 3 stats: Valor, Spirit and Element. These stats are used as a modifier on both damage done and received for each type.

Valor damage is basically "physical" or "normal" damage, and mostly comes from when your heroes attack normally, or a mech. Certain battle magics cause valor damage as well.

Spirit damage is always from battle magic.

Element damage comes from elementalists, sometimes called mages or casters, that cause damage from fire,earth,water or lightning.

Washing your hero's attributes can be done on the evolution page starting at assembly level 11. When you wash, the hero is given random (mostly) stat bonuses and you can choose to change to the new bonuses or keep the old ones. Most washing should be done with laurels, though early on i reccomend washing 3 times on each hero with 2g, as the first two washes will give 5 stats each, and the third will give 1-5 on each stat. In general washing more than 1 stat very high is very difficult. The highest any stat bonus can be is the hero level +20... so a hero at level 45 could have +65 of any one stat.

Much like renning, how you wash a hero depends both on how long you are going to keep that hero and the role they play:

Offensive Heroes: If possible they should be washed to "Max" for their primary attacking attribute. This may not be possible (or prudent) for heroes early on, but once you get a hero you are going to use for the faction maps, you should wash it as high as possible. Farming Hades Legion (legion level 102) at level 87 is a GREAT way to get the laurels you need to max out attributes on your primary attack hero(es). A temporary hero you should only wash as high as you can easily afford. For Battle Magic heroes you will want to wash their spirit. For mechs you will focus on valor, and for offenseive mages you should wash element.

Defensive/Support Heroes: Your healer, dancer and buglers fit into this category. Washing their attributes is a purely defensive choice. Element stat does not help Asclepius' heal in any way, nor a dancer's success rate. (Note: Element Hit from a book and technology does help healing, but Element stat does not). For these heroes there are several methods to washing. You can wash a support hero for valor to become a great tank on the map, or for spirit to become stronger in most pvp situations. VIP3's can also spend 5g per day on a platinum wash to slowly raise all 3 attributes... players with more gold can use this wash more liberally (cost increases quickly if used more than once per day), and people who spend a fortune on the game have access to an even better wash (VIP8 i think). After level 101, all players get 1 free platinum wash per day.

Specific Tips:

Now I'm going to give some more specific tips, some of which are controversial.

Wash at least 1 Bugler for Valor: Most players need to wash at least 1 bugler for high valor (+90 or higher) to pass the level 110 maps (Tartarus/Ragnarok). Most people choose Eris for this due to higher valor stat and decent faculty. You could also wash your faction specific hero for this task (Hebe(Z)/Lachesis(A)/Thoosa(P)). Personally for Hebe and Lachesis, I'd go more long term and try to wash all 3 of their stats slowly over time, since they have good overall stats and higher faculty than Thoosa. Thoosa has the same faculty as Eris, so washing one specific attribute is less of a waste. Cronus will offer you the best overall stats of any bugler (hes at the end of Tartarus) and should almost certainly be washed platinum.

Washing 2 Attributes: For washing 2 attributes it is probably better to wash 1 up high first, taking advantage of the fact that you cant get a negative attribute bonus, and then wash the second stat using platinum wash, keeping the result if the sum of the bonuses are higher than previously. Washing 2 attributes is important for all BM heroes after level 100, as their battle magics do both valor and spirit damage (they require both mounts and weapons to do good damage). You might also consider washing 2 attributes for mages, who are generally very squishy when only their element stat is washed. You should know that washing 2 attributes is more than twice as difficult as washing 1. Think of it this way: lets say using laurels you have a 1 in 10 chance of getting a positive wash on one stat (sometimes it feels more like 1 in 20), then getting a good wash on 2 attributes would be 1 in 100 washes, and on all three, 1 in 1000. For this reason, washing 2 stats with laurels is very difficult and 3 is practically impossible.

Washing 3 Attributes: I've read that it's best to max out one attribute before you wash platinum to raise the other stats... in practice I'm not convinced this is true when washing 3 attributes as it seems to be more difficult to maintain a high wash and with platinum wash you reach a +30-40 level fairly quickly on each stat. Either way, once you begin platinum washing you will want to keep your new wash if the SUM of the three bonuses is higher than the previous sum.

If anyone has experience maxing out 2 or more attributes in a somewhat economical way then please post and give us all some pointers.

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PostSubject: Re: Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes   Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 9:09 am

this is very helpful
i would like to add
that the best time to wash (at least for me )
is right before the next ren level
and that if u cant get better results
try to upgrade your hero a couple of levels
before u try again
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PostSubject: Re: Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes   Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes EmptyWed Oct 19, 2011 8:19 pm

So, this is my 2nd hero to double wash with laurels. This time i'm gonna track all my accepts from 20 stats and up.

when i did it the first time i definitely found my best success in keeping the stats i was washing as close to each other as possible. So here we starting round 2.

Sult starting with 26 / 8 valor / spirit

29/12 - 3 attempts
31/16 - 5 attempts
27/18 - 1 attempt
24/20 - 1 attempt
27/24 - 13 attempts
29/26 - 52 attempts
33/29 - 1 free plat wash
36/33 - 22 attempts
41/33 - 17 attempts
39/35 - 95 attempts
41/35 - 9 attempts
40/36 - 8 attempts
42/36 - 10 attempts
47-36 - 30 attempts
51-35 - 65 attempts
56-39 - 8 attempts
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Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes   Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes Empty

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Heroic Hygene: Washing Your Heroes
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