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 #11 Cronus' Vengeance

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#11 Cronus' Vengeance Empty
PostSubject: #11 Cronus' Vengeance   #11 Cronus' Vengeance EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 9:04 pm

A brief insight into Cronus' Vengeance.

Spawn Map & Extra Treasure Box Locations:

#11 Cronus' Vengeance CVSpawnMapTBoxesV2

    This shows the possible spawn places for the NPCs (Boxed Colour) and the Extra Treasure Boxes (Circled & Numbered), which will show up inside
    the dungeon sometimes, but not every time. Maximum I've seen personally is 2 extra boxes in a dungeon, however.

    Side Note: If extra chest #2 spawns, and Cronus is blocking you getting to it, chances are it will require you to buy a couple of Extra Added Times with gold (if you're the correct VIP level),
    and the person who begins on the right hand side of the map (Player2) will need to wait a long time to kill Themis. It's entirely up to you if you think it's worth it for 1 extra chest.

Enemies Abilities:

#11 Cronus' Vengeance CVEnemyabilitiesV1

    This dungeon is different from all previous ones, in that every 2 minutes, 2 of the NPCs will cast a spell on a player at random. It's entirely possible for one player to recieve both blows at once,
    but it's not a big deal if that does happen.

    Cronus' Thunderbolt will cause damage to troops and stun the unlucky player for 30s, as shown by Number 1
    Themis' Meteorite will just cause damage to troops, with no extra disadvantages.

    Both players should watch the countdown on the side of the screen (Number 2), or above the NPCs heads to see when the spells will be cast, when the timer is almost up,
    WAIT FOR THE SPELLS TO BE CAST, before you REPLENISH, as shown by Number 3, then proceed as normal.

    Note: This picture is from a seperate dungeon. Don't panic, the NPCs don't move in here Wink.

Route Example

#11 Cronus' Vengeance CVRouteV1

    This is just a rough idea of what to do, when to use tokens etc. It's quite a simple Dungeon, so you could probably work it out on your own anyway.

    I added a little grid to try to save confusion, as the NPCs do appear to be falling off the edge of the map in places, but movement is still normal,
    and you'll understand it when you try it out for yourself, that it's not as stupid as it looks in the pictures Wink


#11 Cronus' Vengeance CVRewardsV1

    Rewards for this dungeon, and every dungeon onwards as I understand, are different to previous dungeons. Here, instead of just getting set Drachmas and Transendences,
    each treasure box you earn will open giving you a random selection of items, including Gems to use in your Armory that you get at level 101, to enchant items to
    alter the hero's stats who is wearing the enchanted item.

    The base Treasure Boxes for God of War is 12, 10 for Divine Troops, 8 for General Invincible etc.

    At this stage in the game, this amount of drachmas and laurels will seem pitiful, but it's the gems we're really after, so don't panic about that.

    End: I'm sure there's more perfect ways of executing this, as my experience here is still quite limited, but I hope it helps someone somewhere Smile
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#11 Cronus' Vengeance
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