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 #02 Labirynth of Thalassa

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#02 Labirynth of Thalassa Empty
PostSubject: #02 Labirynth of Thalassa   #02 Labirynth of Thalassa EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 11:08 pm

There is a decent guide on the same sight as where I got the Garden of Thallassa one... but it has some errors.

Click the Image to Enlarge:
#02 Labirynth of Thalassa LabyrinthSmall

The two errors are that he tells you the wrong time to click your faster token and his path doesn't use flanking.

    -Since the faster token only helps your MOVEMENT, wait until after you have attacked Siren and your cooldown is almost complete. You can use a little sooner and still get GoW but if something goes wrong (lag or wrong formation or something), every second can count for making sure u get at least DT.

    -The other mistake is flanking. You can flank both Perse and Polygonos by moving on to the "rough terrain". This will add a few seconds to your time but still within GoW and can help if you are running out of troops.

Omissions: Also, I would like to add that Labyrinth of Thalassa, or just "lab" as most people call it, is much more difficult to complete at a comparable level than Garden of Hespiredes. Asclepius (a healer) is almost required to complete get God of War in lab at the appropriate level. If you are strugling with lab, just keep doing garden for a while longer.

I will update this guide better when I get around to it.
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#02 Labirynth of Thalassa
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