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 Asclepius: To Heal or Not to Heal

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Asclepius: To Heal or Not to Heal Empty
PostSubject: Asclepius: To Heal or Not to Heal   Asclepius: To Heal or Not to Heal EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 8:34 am

People have a lot of different opinions on Asclepius "The Healer"... the reason is that depending on the situation he ranges from amazing to mediocre to useless.

In general here is how he stacks up:

  • Legions/Gardens: Awesome. He allows you to beat a legion or a garden sooner and at a lower aggregate hero level. This is where Asclepius shines.

  • Map/FarmBattles: Mixed bag. At times he will be useful, and at times he won't.

  • WorldPvP/SilverMineWrestle: Mostly suckage. He may save you troops when getting attacked by weaker opponents, but you will win more fights by replacing him with a bugler or an offensive mage.

My Reccomendation:

    When he is first available, Asclepius is a great help. With a minimal investment into element hit (book and tech), he will almost certainly be more useful than another choice. I strongly recommend picking him up when you beat him in Beasts of Wilderness.

    Eventually your dependence on him will fade as you get other options and you will have to decide if you want to keep him, and if not, when you will drop him.

    Personally I recommend keeping him forever, but don't renascence him at all. When you can, recruit a 6th hero to train and renascence properly. This 6th hero then will mostly replace Asclepius and your healer can sit the bench except for legions and gardens.

    A great way to do this is to train up an offensive mage that Asclepius can share a book with. Another great option is to train up another bugler, making every investment in your mount(s) more effective. Lastly you might want to consider picking up a mech (generally weaker than the first two options but still viable)

    Someday when you have a solid Mutiny Outbreak hero (Thalia/Dionysus/etc) you can drop Asclepius entirely if you wish.
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Asclepius: To Heal or Not to Heal Empty
PostSubject: Healing Calculator with details   Asclepius: To Heal or Not to Heal EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 10:16 pm

You enter your numbers (book, tech, troop grade, armament)

Then it will calculates: (example below)

Asclepius' healing amount is : 676
Healing from Troop Grade: 200
Healing from Book+Armamament: 800+36
Healing from Technology: 240

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Asclepius: To Heal or Not to Heal
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