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 How to Not Suck: A Short Beginner's Guide to Hero Selection

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PostSubject: How to Not Suck: A Short Beginner's Guide to Hero Selection   Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:03 am

Option 1: AOE Bomb

    This is the most efficient way to progress, and so it has become the "cookie cutter" build. It's a good option to just follow the tried formula when you are new to a game. The most efficient build to progress with is Kratos/Odysseus/Bellerophon which eventually becomes an "AOE Bomb" with Bellerophon (upgraded to Sponde/Maia if possible), 3 Bugles, and 1 Dancer.

Option 2: Spicey

    Many want a bit of uniqueness and purposely avoid the typical builds (that's definitely me). If you are a new player and don't want to "Belle Bomb" that's okay, but DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE FOLLOWING FORMULA. Believe me when I tell you that ALL successful builds follow this formula (except for full mage which is only for advanced players because it starts out very slow).

    My "Don't Suck" Formula:
    • Battle Magic Heroes: 1 or 2
    • Morale Boosters (Dancer/Bugles): 2 or more
    • Other (Healer/Mech/Mage): 0 to 2

    This formula allows you to form a 5 person squad with some freedom and also forces a minimum level of effectiveness so you won't get frustrated and quit.

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How to Not Suck: A Short Beginner's Guide to Hero Selection
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