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 Trainers and Training Points

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Trainers and Training Points Empty
PostSubject: Trainers and Training Points   Trainers and Training Points EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 1:02 am

    By only reading the descriptions of each trainer, it's difficult to tell which are useful and which are not.
    Here is some info to help you make the most of your trainers. If you aren't interested in the details then skip to the summary at the end.

    Trainers first become available at level 20. Each time you fast track you will gain a random number of talent points (TP) between 10 and 20. As you level up you will unlock more and more trainers, until at level 60 you have all 16 unlocked. Each time you hire a trainer u add 100 "charges" which get used up over the next fast tracks. These charges have various effects on your fast track.

    The number after trainer names is the level which it is available.

Bonus TP Trainers (Forseti20/Tyr50/Hel40):
    Always keep these guys active because they pay for themselves. Without these trainers active you gain 10-20 talent points per fast track. Forseti adds 1TP,Tyr adds 4 and Hel gives a chance to double your TP. With all 3 active you will get 15-25 and when Hel procs you get 30-50.

    When you hire a trainer it is activated for 100 fast tracks... except Siegfried. He's unique and can save you a lot of TP if you use him correctly. For 400 TP you reduce your next 16 hires by 10%. This means that each charge costs 25 talent points so ideally everyone you hire after Siegfried should cost at least 250 TP... in order to pull this off you will have to charge up the cheaper trainers (bonus TP trainers) a lot before hiring Siegfried.

Bonus XP Trainers (Agamemnon20/Oedipus40/Mousika20/Hyperion40/Coeus50/Loki60):
    These trainers are highly synergistic (that means they work well together). Agamemnon increases XP by 10%, Oedipus is 20 or 25% (I forget). Both Mousika and Hyperion give a chance to proc an extra 50% XP. My testing showed that their chance is cumulative, meaning if both are hired u have a better chance of getting a 50% proc. You will not however get two procs simultaneously. Coeus and Loki are confusing at first but what they do is actually very simple. They increase the AMOUNT of XP given by Mousika and Hyperion. By themselves Coeus and Loki do nothing. When hired with the other 4 trainers they are well worth their expensive cost. When all 6 are hired you get about +30% xp on every fast track and about +300% (or times 4) xp when Hyperion/Mousika procs. 100k xp from one fast track is truly awesome.

The Bad Trainers (Baldr50/Hodr60/Menoetius20/Iapetus40/Themis50/Freyr60):
    Don't get these guys... ever. Here's why. Your aide can use 144 transcendence per day.... Baldr and Hodr aren't necessary. Menoetius gives a chance to get a free trans. Iapetus gives twice the chance but also costs twice as much. Themis is half as effective as either of them, with 1/2 the chance of Menoetius to give 2 trans, but costs twice as much. Getting bonus trans is not nearly as effective as making the most of the trans you already get from gardens. The problem with Freyer is her proc rate is so bad (5% I believe)... if it was twice as high she would be worth getting for sure. As it is some people still like her, but I do not. In the end none of these trainers are worth your talent points that could instead be spent on the awesome XP combo mentioned above.

    Before level 60 you should only hire Forseti/Tyr/Hel. As these guys become available, keep them active at all times (before and after level 60).

    After level 60, when you have about 6000 TP saved up and about 500 charges on each of your bonus TP trainers, hire Siegfried. Then hire each of the bonus XP trainers mentioned above (Agamemnon/Oedipus/Mousika/Hyperion/Coeus/Loki). These 6 trainers cost 6000 TP or 5400 with Siegfried active.

    Before your bonus TP trainers run out of charges you should get back up to 5400 TP and be able to hire each of the XP trainers again. Don't hire any of them a second time until you have enough to hire them all. You can use the last 4 Siegfried charges on TP trainers to get ready to do it all over again.

    Consider saving all your TP and trans as you get close to level 85. A second training grounds will double your xp gained from training/fast tracking. Your Hyperion/Mousika procs will give you over 100k xp eventually.
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Trainers and Training Points
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