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 #10 Hades' Dungeon II

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#10 Hades' Dungeon II Empty
PostSubject: #10 Hades' Dungeon II   #10 Hades' Dungeon II EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 11:22 pm

Rest of Guide Coming Soon.

Terrain Map:
(actually 14 sec instead of 12 seconds... update coming soon)
#10 Hades' Dungeon II HDTerrain

    There are 3 different areas of slower movement on the map. Anywhere not shaded is standard 10 second movement. Also note the walls at the upperleft end of the map. The left/lower wall does not extend as far as it would appear that it should. It's important that you know u can "cut across" the wall at this place (see Route Map 1).

Spawn Map:

#10 Hades' Dungeon II HDSpawns

    This map shows all the possible spawn locations of each NPC. As you can see each enemy can spawn in many places, making the total number of possible configurations nearly endless... however the endless possibilities boil down to either "easy" or "hard." This guide contains 3 or 4 routes that you know you will have time to complete GoW... it will be up to you to decide which one to use (you have about 30 sec before you need to make your first real decision). Once you know the limits of what routes you can finish in time, the easy spawns are... well... easy. So we will be mostly looking at the more difficult setups.

General Information:
    Player1: You will USUALLY get your 5 enemies spread between the 3 "in the woods" and the 3 "in the middle" (usually you will skip one of the following: Alastor, Lion, or Iapetus). Most routes allow you to pick up the rescue token so even when you first unlock HD, you can handle most routes int position #1 (even though based on past gardens you might think you are too weak).

    Player2: You must take down hades, and usually don't get a rescue token. Here you always start with a random token and a faster token. In general we will assume the first token you get is crappy, and play a 'worst case scenario' out for each route. If you get a sweep or faster token first, then things get much easier. If you get a faster token as your random token, use it right away. You can then use your 2nd faster token at the normal time (usually after 3rd fight). You will always gets Hades and Persephone, you will usually get Aeacus/Makia, but you will have to be flexible (as will Player1.

Route One: Player2 Gets Nemean Lion
#10 Hades' Dungeon II HD2Route5V-1V
    This guide shows that it's entirely possible (dependant on setup of npcs) for Player1 to run his kill order backwards, and still get GoW. However, they will be missing out on the Rescue token, so it can be a little more strenuous on troop loss. Since Player2 has a SWEEP token here, and the setup of enemies is as it is, there's also an alternative option which I will link below this one.

    It's also quite common for Menoetius and Cerberus to be much closer to Player1s starting position, and Achlus and Iapetus to be towards the back, in which case Player1 could just kill the NPCs in the opposite order.

    Due to the SWEEP token for Player2 at the beginning of this setup, it's also possible for Player2 to kill Iapetus before Nemean Lion, continue their route as normal, and still get God of War, as shown below.

#10 Hades' Dungeon II HDRoute5-2V

    Always make sure to apply a token at the last possible second before using it. For Example, apply SWEEP(Player 2), and RESCUE (Player1) on the last second before attacking in the above Picture, to allow maximum useage of the tokens ability. Nothing worse than being 2 seconds short of getting another go out of your token, because you applied too early Wink

Route Two: Player2 Gets Alastor
#10 Hades' Dungeon II HDRoute1
    The first thing to note about this route is that if Player2 gets Nemean Lion, Player1 would be left with 5 spawns that are very spread out. Since Lion is a "no go", Player2 should check if Persephone is in the corner (see Spawn Map for her two spawn locations). To garuntee a GoW route for Player2, you need either a good random token or Persephone to be out of the corner. A 'good random token' in this case means either Sweep/Faster for first random, or Faster for second random. In this case we have useless random tokens (Storm x2), but luckily Persephone is not in the corner (see spawn map to see what I mean by "in the corner"). During the first few moves I will note the position of Alastor (he can be on either of the furthest two squares for this route) and Persephone (she is not in the corner) and if I am Player2, say in chat "I'll get Alastor", because I know I can complete that route regardless of where Aeacus/Makia are and the useless tokens I was given.

    If Persephone IS in the corner and you get useless random tokens, this route will only work if Aeacus and Makia are in "nice" places... and it is quite difficult to see this until after you have comitted to your route. The best thing to do in this case is try think if a different route might work... but if you can't come up with anything you can always roll the dice and hope the back spawns cooperate.

    Note that the blue line represents when the Faster token is active for Player2.

Route Three: Player2 Gets Iapetus
Route 3 Under Construction

Route Four: Player2 Clears the Middle
Route 4 Under Construction[url][/url]
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#10 Hades' Dungeon II
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