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 General Information on "Gardens"

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General Information on "Gardens" Empty
PostSubject: General Information on "Gardens"   General Information on "Gardens" EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 10:55 pm

What are "Gardens"?
    Gardens are something you should be doing every day once they become available (near the end of Golden Apple).
    The more correct name is "Instance Maps", but most people call them gardens (because the first one is called Garden of the Hesperides) or dungeons (because you will run Hades Dungeon a million times). When people say gardens/dungeons they could be referring to any of the instance maps.

    Gardens reward transcendence and drachmas based on the time it takes to complete them. The transcendence rewarded will be the same for all participants. Drachmas are scaled by level so that higher levels get less (and therefore need to move on to the next garden which gives more base drachs and a lesser penalty for level).

How many Gardens should I run each day?
    The first time you run a garden for the day it will cost you 1 div (after 20:00 ST).
    Each time you run a garden, your cost for the next garden is globally increased by 1 div.

    The transcendence are basically required in order to complete all those pesky "rens". By the time a fully renned hero hits level 100 you will have leveled it many times (usually 7+). You will want to run AT LEAST 3 gardens a day, possibly 4-5 if you are having trouble getting a legion group together or need a hero ready for SMW. 6 is rarely worth it but I've run 6 to help a leaguemate. 7 is out of the question.

I'm having trouble finding a group for my gardens. HELP!
    Most people will want to run gardens early in the day... shortly after server reset time (20:00). If you aren't able to be on at that time you will have a harder time finding a group. Try setting up a time with people at the same garden as you. If you really can't find a group you can always run one of the solo gardens... at a higher level they won't give you much drachs but at least you will get your trans.

    Those that are in the "regular group" try to include as many people as possible (rotate in etc). If we force a lot of people to solo gardens at high level we are losing drachs every day.

    Also, those that are being included for the first time need to be respectful and understand that changing the group makeup can sometimes reduce success. Most gardens have a natural spot for the weakest members, but for a few it's very difficult to compensate for even 1 weak member.
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General Information on "Gardens" Empty
PostSubject: Re: General Information on "Gardens"   General Information on "Gardens" EmptySun Aug 07, 2011 1:07 am

I'll just add a little here, incase anyone might need it, because suprisingly i still see people asking what a certain token does even up to and past Pandoras Box.


Rescue: Prevents troop loss whilst active.

Inspire: Increases Hit & Shield by 20%

Storm: Increase Hit & Shield by 50%, but doubles attack cooldown (from 30s to 60s), generally don't use unless against your final enemy of the dungeon.

Faster: Halves move/action cooldown (usually from 10s to 5s unless you are on rough terrain, though u will usually see 9 and 4)

Sweep: Halves attack cooldown (from 30s to 15s)

Replenish: Halves cooldown for replenishing your troops.

Hopefully didn't miss any.
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General Information on "Gardens"
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